Looking for a Used Land Rover for Sale? Check Out These Models

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Get Behind the Wheel of a Used Land Rover for Ultra-Capable Luxury

Over the course of the past 70 years, one automaker has consistently stood out when it comes to designing SUVs that define the concepts of versatility and capability. We’re of course talking about Land Rover. In 1970, the introduction of the Range Rover revolutionized the 4×4 space once again by bringing a new level of luxury to the segment. 50 years later, the company is still renowned for offering the most capable, most luxurious SUVs on (or off) the road. It’s no wonder you’re looking for a used Land Rover for sale.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few pre-owned Land Rover models you should consider.

For Your Consideration: Used Land Rover Models for Sale

Here’s a brief overview of your used Land Rover options:

  • Land Rover Discovery

On the entry-level end of the spectrum you have the Discovery. Designed specifically with families in mind, it’s roomy, comfortable, and capable.

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Disco Sport was introduced to provide an entry-level option that is a bit more compact than the original Discovery, which makes it somewhat more maneuverable making it the ideal option for around-town driving.

  • Land Rover Range Rover

The flagship model in the Land Rover lineup is the Range Rover. Full-sized, fully capable, and fully luxurious, this is truly a first-class adventure chariot.

  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Essentially, the RR Sport takes everything you love about the standard Range Rover and packs it in a slightly more compact body while emphasizing performance over luxury. The luxury is still there, but with this edition it’s all about power.

  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque was released to provide a compact Range Rover driving experience that is tailor-made for driving in the city. Packed with slick tech, it’s the perfect ride for urban adventure.

  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Falling somewhere between the Range Rovers Evoque and Sport is the Velar. Designed with style, refinement, and tech as the priority, the Velar is an attention-grabber.

  • Land Rover Defender

It’s a cult classic that has a reputation for its unrivaled go-anywhere, do-anything prowess, the Defender has been redesigned and released to offer what just might be the most capable and versatile vehicle ever built.

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